Dallaire Médical inc.

Authorized dealer for Zoll AED PLUS Defibrillator, ZOLL AED PRO Defibrillator, ZOLL AED PRO Defibrillator

Buy Dallaire Médical inc at the best price today! Discover our range of ZOLL defibrillators in the fully automatic defibrillator or semi-automatic defibrillator mode: These defibrillators are among the most reliable on the market and are guaranteed for 7 years and are equipped as standard with resuscitation: The defibrillator Analyze the quality of your heart massage and tell you if you need to massage faster or slower; Stronger or less strong! There is an availability of ZOLL defibrillators. There are ZOLL AED Plus Defibrillator, ZOLL AED Pro Defibrillator, ZOLL AED Pro Medical Defibrillator. We also offer accessories for your ZOLL AED Plus, Zoll AED Pro, ZOLL R-Series Defibrillator, Philips Defibrillator, Lifepak Defibrillator Express or CR Plus. Lifeline defibrillator, CardiacScience PowerheartG3 defibrillator. We are your one stop shop for defibrillators on the market.

Dallaire Médical inc., Distributor of ZOLL defibrillators specializing in the medical field since 1989, and with a long experience in the field of emergency and in particular defibrillation, offers you the most efficient products on the market.
Our strong points?
A recognized reputation and expertise,
Superior quality products irreproachable,
Complete equipment for your defibrillator,
Professional and personalized advice, given by qualified personnel in the medical field,
Fast delivery organized by our logistics partner.
The most interesting prices on the market for your defibrillator!
And if you find a cheaper defibrillator elsewhere we do it at the same price!

Whether it is for a company, a food market, government offices, a credit union, a bank, a daycare, a CPE or all those that are under the CNSST regulations, we offer first-aid equipment, First aid such as sterile adhesive bandages and first aid kits that meet CNSST minimum standards, first aid kit in accordance with family ministry or first aid kit as required.

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